Making Changes to a Graduate Employee (GE) Appointment

An PRF must be submitted for changes in GE appointments.

Changes to an appointment include:

  • Assignment change (e.g., from teaching to research)

  • Modified terms of appointment (e.g., lower FTE, higher annual rate, or extension of the appointment to include additional term(s))

  • Level change (e.g., from GE II to GE III when a doctoral student advances to candidacy)

  • Resignation or termination of appointment (including when a student goes on-leave or withdraws from the university)

Upon processing of the PRF, a new notice of appointment will be issued to the student with the new details of the appointment.

See Step 2: Submitting the Payroll Form (PRF) to the Division of Graduate Studies via DuckDocs on the Graduate Employee Hiring Process page for more information about submitting GE PRFs.