Graduate Student Involvement in Admissions

Faculty members at the University of Oregon are responsible for the academic administration of their graduate programs and may not delegate responsibility for admissions decisions to graduate students.

Consistent with this, faculty may solicit input from graduate students on admissions decisions; however, graduate students may not vote on decisions regarding which applicants to advance in the admission process or on final decisions of which applicants to recommend to the Divsion of Graduate Studies for admission.

Before asking graduate students to participate in the admissions process, faculty should give serious consideration to the time involved, opportunity costs for graduate students of such service, and potential issues of confidentiality.

If graduate students are asked to serve in a non-voting or advisory role on graduate admissions committees, or are otherwise given access to application materials, they should learn the obligations of their role as a “school official” and complete the code of responsibility for security and confidentiality of education records and files form.