Biology: PhD

Prospective students will find the PhD program in biology to be both challenging and rewarding, with ample opportunities for individual training in his or her chosen field. In addition to scholarly pursuits, many students find time to enjoy the cultural and recreational activities that help make the Eugene area an attractive place in which to live.

One of four research institutes—Institute of Molecular Biology, Institute of Neuroscience, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology—provides a “home” for PhD training including activities such as required coursework, institute retreats, annual speaking opportunities, quarterly and proposal exams, and participation in hosting seminar speakers.

Prospective students will be considered for one or more Institute-tracks depending on the research interests indicated on their application. 

Following their first year and identifying a thesis lab, outstanding students may be selected for specialized training as part of shared training programs that include training faculty across Institutes and other departments, including Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Human Physiology, Environmental Studies, and Computer and Information Science.

Application at a Glance

You apply for admission through your program. Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website. The following are required for your application:

Program-Specific Application Requirements:

  • Higher TOEFL/IELTS than UO Minimums
  • Interview
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Diversity and Inclusion Statement


  • Description of Prior Research Experience


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
College of Arts and Sciences
Campus: Eugene, Charleston (OIMB)
Fall Term:
Final Deadline - December 1