Chemistry—Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program: MS

Program Information


Chemistry, Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program


Master of Science (MS)


College of Arts and Sciences


February 15 

This program may accept applications after the posted deadline on a space-available basis. Refer to the program's website for more details. 


May 20



Program Description

The KC Graduate Internship Program begins summer term with intensive course and lab work in one of five focus areas, three of which offer a chemistry major:

  • Photovoltaic & Semiconductor Device Processing
  • Polymer Science
  • Molecular Sensors & Probes

The course work and labs are designed to help students become more effective problem-solvers in industrial, research and national lab environments. Emphasis is also placed on developing soft skills, such as communication (oral and written), teamwork and leadership skills critical for a successful career. Professional skills development is a centerpiece of the program, including resume writing, interviewing and networking.

Students in good academic standing will have the opportunity to interface with our company partners in the hope of securing a 9-month paid internship to fulfill their degree requirements. Though internships are not guaranteed, historically close to 98% of our students have successfully completed internships and close to 90% of those receive regular job offers within three months of finishing their internships.

This unique program is a good fit for students who want to begin a career in industry or a national lab - and those who hope to gather more data about the wide range of career opportunities available before contemplating a PhD. 

Program Information

Application at a Glance

You apply for admission through your program. Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website.

UO Application Requirements

Program-Specific Application Requirements


  • Interview (for admitted students)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose


  • GRE (UO Institution Code: 4846)
  • Resume

Not Required

  • GMAT

Apply Through Department