Geography: PhD

PhD students are expected to develop a broad background in the discipline of geography, in-depth knowledge in an area of emphasis, and the ability to conduct and report independent research, including the use of appropriate geographic techniques.

While this program is designed to suit each individual’s background and interests, prospective candidates should pay particular attention to the specializations and regional interests of the department’s faculty members before applying for admission.

The specialized nature of faculty interests means that most students follow an individualized program that includes courses and seminars in a variety of related disciplines.

Although the department requires knowledge of the fundamentals of geography, it welcomes students whose undergraduate work has been in other disciplines that can apply their training to geographic problems.

All PhD students meet the same course requirements as master's students with a few additions.

The program prepares students for academic positions, for advanced research and teaching positions, and for a variety of occupations in the private sector.

Application at a Glance

You apply for admission through your program. Detailed instructions are available on the program’s website. The following are required for your application:

Program-Specific Application Requirements:

  • CV
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose


  • Writing Sample



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
College of Arts and Sciences
Campus: Eugene
Fall Term:
Final Deadline - December 10