Music Performance: Certificate

The performance certificate in music offers postbaccalaureate students the opportunity to focus deeply on performance studies outside the academic rigors of traditional graduate music degrees.

Geared toward performing instrumentalists and singers who plan on full-time careers as soloists, chamber musicians, and/or large ensemble members, the one-year performance certificate program requires:

  • 3 terms of study in applied lessons
  • 3 terms of ensembles
  • 1 juried public recital
  • 1 regional outreach event
  • Minimal electives as approved by the student’s advisor


Open to students as a standalone certificate.

Application at a Glance

Applications for admission into the graduate performance certificate program are reviewed at the same time as applications for music graduate degree programs.

To be considered for admission, applicants must hold a bachelor of music degree from an accredited institution and must complete a recorded or live audition. Any student admitted on the basis of a recorded performance must perform a placement audition upon arrival on campus to begin studies.

For current audition requirements and procedures, visit the School of Music and Dance.

Since this is a graduate certificate, applicants must satisfy minimum admission requirements set by the Division of Graduate Studies.

All submissions must include the University of Oregon graduate application.


Graduate Certificate
School of Music and Dance
Campus: Eugene
Terms of Admission: Fall