New Media and Culture Certificate

The new media and culture certificate is a transdisciplinary program open to graduate students working at the intersection of new media and culture in any master's or doctoral program at the University of Oregon.

This innovative certificate blends scholarly research on new media topics with hands-on experience creating new media content and using digital research tools. Taking advantage of the creative opportunities possible within existing degree programs across campus, the certificate features an array of courses in the history, criticism, aesthetics, and production of new media technologies.

The certificate program trains scholars, designers, and media practitioners in the skills and credentials appropriate for 21st-century workplaces in academia and beyond.

The new media and culture certificate serves as a hub for new media scholarship and activities across campus. We coordinate courses, act as a hub for professional development activities, and connect a community of scholars and practitioners engaged in like-minded work.

The certificate program was initiated as a collaborative venture among the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Design, and the School of Journalism and Communication.

Coordinated centrally through the Graduate School, we are currently serving students in six of UO's seven colleges and schools with graduate programs. We are open to all graduate students across campus whose studies are focused on, or adjacent to, new media.


Open to current UO doctoral/master’s students alongside their graduate degree.

Application at a Glance

Successful admission to, or current standing in, any UO MA or PhD program.

Application materials require a preliminary study plan demonstrating that student can complete certificate prior to graduating with their MA or PhD.

Preliminary study plan coursework can be altered later depending on new course offerings or changes in student schedule.

Applications are due early in week 5 of Fall, Winter, or Spring term.


Graduate Certificate
Division of Graduate Studies
Campus: Eugene
Terms of Admission: Fall, Winter, Spring