Graduate Employee (GE) Employment Procedures

Completed Admission Process

New (incoming) students must be fully admitted to a graduate program in order to be eligible for a graduate employee (GE) appointment.

Be sure to complete all outstanding requirements as advised by your department or the Division of Graduate Studies as soon as possible.

Pending admission will affect our ability to set up your appointment.

Notice of Appointment

Departments initiate the set-up of GE appointments by submitting an electronic payroll form (PRF) to the Division of Graduate Studies.

Once the Division approves the information, you will receive an email notifying you that your notice of appointment (NOA) is ready to be accepted.

Instructions to Review and Accept the Notice of Appointment

  1. Log In to DuckWeb with your UO ID (95#) and six-digit PAC

    If you are newly admitted, you will not be able to access DuckWeb until you've been fully admitted by the university and have received your PAC number

  2. Click on the “Student Menu” and then, “Notice of GE Appointments” to download your NOA

    When viewing on iOS (iPhone), you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS

  3. Review the terms of the NOA including your appointment dates, FTE, and salary

  4. Click “Accept” to agree to the terms of the appointment and to the release of information to the GTFF

Hire Documents

Departments will advise GEs on required hire documents. These documents include the I-9, W-4, Employee Information Form, and other forms required for international employees.

These documents must be completed and submitted by departments to payroll in order for an appointment to be fully processed.

Late Pay

The Division of Graduate Studies reviews all contracts and payroll forms in the order in which they’re received. Upon approval, the payroll form is forwarded to the payroll office for completion.

Payroll forms and hire documents received after September 10 may result in a delayed paycheck.

In cases where appointment paperwork is submitted late, the Division of Gradute Studies will work with your department and the payroll office to address the issues with all possible expedience. Pay will be made retroactive to the day the appointment began.

Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan and Fund

To assist GEs who anticipate their first paycheck may be delayed, the Division of Graduate Studies offers a loan through which eligible GEs can receive a no-interest, fee-free short-term loan for up to $1,000 or the gross amount the pay for September 16-30.

Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan and Fund

GE Health Insurance

GEs must enroll in health insurance directly with the GTFF.

Health Insurance