Laboratory Teaching Assistant

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
FTE: 0.46
Terms: Fall Winter Spring Summer 
Academic Year: 2020-21 and subsequent


Laboratory teaching assistants (GEs) are assigned two laboratory sections that consists of approximately 15-20 students.

For each section, the TA (GE) duties include prepare and facilitate a pre-lab tutorial; supervise two x three –five hour laboratory periods each week; introduce students to each experiment; actively provide advice and assistance to students as they conduct work in the lab; evaluating students' performance by observing them while they carry out experiments; grade laboratory reports for all students enrolled in your section; enforce all safety regulations; attend the course lecture; attend weekly TA (GE) meetings; hold two 50 minute office hour periods each week; proctor midterm exams and the final exam; assist in proctoring weekly quizzes; keep records of student grades and update the on-line grade book for the students enrolled in your section(s); provide feedback and assistance to the course instructor as requested; maintain a clean and orderly laboratory environment which includes working with laboratory staff to make sure the laboratory space is ready for the next class.

All first-time TAs (GEs) must attend our TA (GE) training held the week before classes begin and must be First Aid and CPR certified.

TAs (GEs) are expected to remain on campus for a meeting with course instructors to assist in assigning grades in the two days following the final exam. Teaching assistants (GEs) are provided the course textbook, laboratory manual, goggles, lab coat, grade book access.

Prior to the beginning of the semester lab TAs (GEs)are given a copy of the Chemistry Department Safety Manual. You will be required to read this document carefully and be prepared to monitor the compliance of your students with all safety rules. Be prepared for emergencies! In particular, strictly enforce eye protection safety rules; compliance tends to become lax after a month or so. Students do make inadvertent mistakes, so always be on the lookout for unsafe situations.

Questions occasionally arise concerning the relative priority of teaching responsibilities and attendance at events such as departmental seminars, group meetings, etc. It is Chemistry Department policy that regular TA (GE) responsibilities take precedence over other activities such as these. For example, laboratory teaching assistants may not leave the lab during their assigned hours without the express permission of the faculty member in charge of the class. Teaching assistants (GEs) can take several steps to minimize conflicts with events such as special seminars they wish to attend. Occasionally it may be possible to avoid conflicts by arranging for another TA (GE) to substitute for you during your assigned hours (this requires approval in advance from the faculty instructor for the course). Also, teaching assistants (GEs) should inform faculty in advance of anticipated special events they wish to attend, so that staff meetings, grading sessions, etc. can be scheduled in such a way as to minimize overlap.

Modified from Washington State University’s and MIT’s expectations for Graduate Student Laboratory TAs.

Preferred Qualifications:

Applicants should have:
• Significant coursework in the sciences including chemistry, biochemistry, biology or a closely related field.
• a grade point average of at least 3.5 (on a scale of 4) in chemistry and math courses
• demonstrated excellence in communication and interpersonal skills
• a grade of A- or better in a course similar to the one for which they are applying experience with laboratory equipment and techniques appropriate to the course assignment

Application Procedure:

Submit an application or resume, containing a list of chemistry, math and physics courses completed and grades received (unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable). Provide contact information for at least two people who can comment on your skills or promise as a teaching assistant. All GEs in the Department of Chemistry are required to be First Aid and CPR certified. Please provide proof of certification with your application. Applicants will be notified after students have completed registration for classes. Please submit all application materials to Michael Koscho (Assistant Department Head) via email.

Positions are open until filled. Application reviews begin the 5th week of the term preceding employment.

Application Email:

Deadline Date: Sun, 07/17/2022

Open Until Filled: Yes
Open Until Filled, Review Begins On: Mon, 07/20/2020

Contact Information:
Michael Koscho
1253 University of Oregon
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Eugene , Oregon 97403