Institutional and Organizational Conflict Management Certificate

Alternative dispute resolution processes, skills, and theory are being applied in corporate and organizational settings, in public policy decision-making, in international humanitarian and relief work, in community disputes and decision-making, and within the courts. Increasingly, employers in government, business, and the non-profit sectors are recognizing the value of conflict management knowledge, skills, and expertise. The Institutional and Organizational Conflict Management Certificate prepares professionals to:

  • Integrate and apply a broad range of theoretical concepts, processes, skills, and strategies to analyze, prevent, constructively manage, and resolve conflicts; • Facilitate, lead, and engage in constructive communication and collaborative problem- solving in a variety of intra-and inter-institutional settings;
  • Identify the contexts in which conflicts are likely to occur and apply the most appropriate conflict and dispute resolution processes to them;
  • Recognize, understand, acknowledge, and address the role of power, difference, and inequity in conflict;
  • Demonstrate deepened and self-reflective capacity for critical thinking, analysis, research, writing, ethics, and the craft of conflict management.


Graduate Certificate
School of Law
Campus: Eugene
Fall Term:
Final Deadline - August 27
Spring Term:
Final Deadline - March 4