Temporary Policy Changes

We know this is a challenging time for our entire campus community and everyone at the University of Oregon is working daily to support all students as they continue their education. To that end, we’ve made temporary changes to some of our policies and procedures while we all navigate a quickly shifting situation.


Modifications to Grading Options for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 Graduate Courses (5xx, 6xx, 7xx)

Update: As of Winter 2021, we will return to the standard deadline for changing grade option as well as the standard limitations for Pass/No Pass grading on courses and degree requirements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led the university to shift to remote learning, a modality that is new for many faculty and graduate students. These uncharted learning conditions, coupled with the current social and economic instability our students are currently experiencing, will create a challenging quarter. This policy offers a simple and consistent approach to assessment which should help alleviate graduate student anxiety and encourage a focus on learning.

Based on the principle that the change in course modality due to exogenous challenges should not harm students’ progress toward a degree, the Academic Council voted to make the following modifications to grading options for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020. These adjustments are in effect for undergraduate and graduate courses except for graduate courses offered in the JD and LLM programs in the Law School, which are under a different policy passed by the Law School.

  1. The deadline to change grade-optional courses from graded to P/NP (pass/no-pass) or from P/NP to grade will be extended 30 days after the date that final grades are posted for that term. That means all students will have time to decide whether to change to P/NP or graded once they see their final grades. Deadlines to change grade-optional courses from graded to pass/no-pass: 
TERMExtended deadline
Spring 2020July 16, 2020
Summer 2020October 16, 2020
Fall 2020January 16, 2021
  1. The option to change from graded to P/NP or from P/NP to graded will be available for all courses that are designated as graded only and for grade optional courses.
  2. Courses that are designated as P/NP only will remain as they are. There will be no additional options for these courses.
  3. Any course grade of P will be counted as a P* grade for the purposes of the policies below. This means that courses taken as P/NP can count toward graduation requirements. Credits earned in courses offered only as P/NP will use the P* designation.
    1. Undergraduate: “Students must earn 168 transfer or University of Oregon credits with grades of A, B, C, D, or P*."
    2. Graduate Master’s degrees: “A minimum of 24 credits must be University of Oregon graded (not pass/no pass) credits.”
  4. Instructors of record shall maintain letter grades throughout the term and record final course grades for students in all courses (and only assign P/NP grades for courses that are designated as P/NP only).
  5. If a student chooses P/N by the deadline, grades will be recorded as follows:
    1. Undergraduate: a P grade for a C- or above, and an N grade for a D+ or below.
    2. Graduate: a P grade for a B- or above, and an N grade for a C+ or below.
    3. Law: a P grade for a D- or above, and an N grade for an F.
  6. Departments are asked to waive any requirements that (a) limit how P/N courses count toward the major; that (b) require specific grades for courses that count toward the major; or that (c) serve as prerequisites for other courses. This is especially important for cases where the lack of such a waiver will require students to enroll in an additional term or delay graduation for students.


Suspension of Petition Fees

Until further notice, the Division will waive the $15 petition fee for all petition types.

Update: As of Fall 2021, the $15 petition fee has been permanently eliminated. 


Approval Signatures on Division Forms

Until further notice, the Division will accept electronic signatures or approval emails (sent from a UO email address) in place of written signatures. See this page for detailed instructions.


Dissertation Defenses

Until further notice, there is no physical attendance requirement for dissertation defenses. The student and all committee members may attend the defense remotely. Additionally, we are lifting the expectation that dissertation defenses be public and held on campus.

Update: As of Fall 2021, the defense policy was permanently changed to allow fully remote defenses. More information is available here


Waiver of Final Term Registration for Students Whose Graduation Timeline Has Been Delayed

Until further notice, students whose graduation timelines have been affected by COVID-19 (for example, dissertation defense date postponed, data collection delayed, finishing Incompletes etc.) may petition for a waiver of the final term registration requirement using the General Petition Form. This option is only available to students who do not require registration in any credits during the final term in order to fulfill degree requirements.


Page last updated September 13, 2021