3-Minute Thesis Presentations 2023

Note: Some presenters may be absent from this list. 

Room 202  

Name Program Project Time
Marielena McWhirter Prevention Science The Role of Experiential Avoidance in Suicidal Behaviors 9 o'clock hour
Maxim Shapovalov Geography Making Better Estimates of the Greenland Ice Sheet's Contribution to Global Sea-Level Rise 9 o'clock hour
Neeka Barooni Human Physiology Fetal Origins of Adult Disease: Where does it Stem from? 9 o'clock hour
Nishat Parvez Journalism Digital divide in online education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A review on the public university students in Bangladesh 9 o'clock hour
Jamila Baig Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy Reconstruction Of Paleotemperature, Vegetation Change, Fire History, And Lake Productivity Using A Multiproxy Approach In The Pacific Northwest, Gold Lake, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, USA 9 o'clock hour
justin svendsen Chemistry Characterization of affinity-based delivery systems for spatiotemporally regulated delivery of angiogenic proteins 9 o'clock hour
Austin Ricci Human Physiology Acute Fatigue Paradoxically Increases Velocity And Power In A Sex And Myosin Isoform Dependent Manner 9 o'clock hour
Joe Wheeler Nonprofit Management Grow back better: Social and ecological factors shaping wildfire recovery on nonindustrial private forestlands 9 o'clock hour
Sarah Jordan Music Composition Multimodal Academic Creations: Music, Folklore, AND Literature? 9 o'clock hour
Delos Erickson Music: Jazz Studies Jazz and Disability: A Look into the Lives and Musicianship of Four Jazz Giants 10 o'clock hour
Aakanksha Lahoti Counseling, Family, and Human Services Grieving from Afar: Transnational Separation and Mental Health Experiences within the South Asian Population during the COVID-19 Pandemic  10 o'clock hour
Emilee Jackson Media Studies Representing the President: Photojournalism Inside and Outside the White House 10 o'clock hour
Stewart McGinnis Mathematics Globes and Mirrors: A Story in Hyperspace 10 o'clock hour
Laura Trujillo Sanz Musicology Grotesque As An Alternative Aesthetic Mode In Madrilenian Chamber Music During The Second Half Of The Eighteenth Century. 10 o'clock hour
Nicholas Burton Musicology Heavy Bass Sound in Bass Culture(s): A Technologically Mediated Timbre 10 o'clock hour
Luis Fernando Guzman Nateras Computer and Information Science Leveling the Playing Field: Cross-lingual Learning for AI. 10 o'clock hour
Tara Nye Earth Sciences Validating synthetic data for use in earthquake early warning 10 o'clock hour
Hope Healey Biology Gene family evolution may permit syngnathid gene losses 10 o'clock hour


Room 403 

Name Program Project Time
Ellyse Scott Interior Architecture

We Are Builders: Examining 20th Century Black Women Architects

9 o'clock hour
Bita Habashi Curriculum and Teacher Education The Representation of Middle Eastern Women Writers in Secondary Education Curricula 9 o'clock hour
William Gray Public Administration Yes, Felons Can Vote 9 o'clock hour
Angelique Allen Biology Imaging of neural responses to polarized light stimuli in the octopus 9 o'clock hour
Carla Consolini Linguistics Immersive virtual reality for online language teaching 9 o'clock hour
Filip-Bogdan Serban-Dragan Prevention Science The Longitudinal Relationship between Socioeconomic Status, Child Separation Anxiety Symptoms, and School Achievement in 1st Grade 9 o'clock hour
Nina Kankanyan Political Science Financial Aid to Civil Society in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries 9 o'clock hour
Thu Ta  Educational Leadership The Impact of Military Coup d'état (2021) on University Students in Myanmar 10 o'clock hour
Yewulsew Endalew Comparative Literature Hydropoetics: Myth, Reality, and Literature in the Eastern Nile Basin 10 o'clock hour
Karly Fear Bioengineering Large-scale heterodimer protein interface design and high-throughput affinity assaying 10 o'clock hour
Camila Osses Music Performance The Songs of Carmela Mackenna 10 o'clock hour
Lizi Cleary Art History Kati Horna and the Intersection of Art and Politics in Interwar Europe 10 o'clock hour
Erin Wai Folklore An exploration of traditionality through the world of competitive Irish dance 10 o'clock hour
Ting Yu Liu Music Performance Ravel's Three Water Music For Solo Piano: Jeux D'Eau, Une Barque Sur L'Ocean And Ondine   10 o'clock hour
Rebecca Gordon Prevention Science The impact of early income-related stress and mechanisms for improved health in adolescence: A review  10 o'clock hour
Anna Dulba-Barnett Theater Arts

Erased by a Metaphor: Representation of Land and the Female Body in Polish Theatre

10 o'clock hour
Bradley T Hughes Psychology Stereotypes and Social Decisions: The Interpersonal Effects of Social Class 10 o'clock hour