Graduate Council

Charge and Responsibility

The Graduate Council shall advise the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies on matters pertaining to graduate study at the University of Oregon. 

Specifically, and in addition to its advisory role, the Graduate Council:   

  1. Establishes policies and regulations governing graduate study at the University of Oregon, and reviews and votes to approve changes or additions to such policies. 
  2. Reviews and votes to approve new graduate programs, revisions to degree requirements for existing graduate programs, and other changes to existing graduate programs, while ensuring highest standards for graduate education. 
  3. Reviews and makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies on academic grievance appeals in accordance with the University’s established grievance procedures. 
  4. Provides input and guidance to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies on initiatives aimed at enhancing excellence, diversity, and access in graduate education. 
  5. Provides University administration and Unit leaders across campus with opinion and counsel on university affairs affecting graduate education and graduate students, including issues of equity in service to graduate students. 
Meeting Date Deadline to receive college-approved proposals for new programs or other curriculum changes
9/19/23 9/5/23
10/17/23 10/3/23
11/14/23 10/31/23
1/9/24 12/26/23
2/13/24 1/30/24
3/19/24 3/5/24
4/16/24 4/2/24
5/14/24 4/30/24
6/11/24 5/28/24

Membership and Reporting

Membership of the Graduate Council is fixed at 14 voting members:

  • 12 elected teaching faculty at the rank of assistant professor or above
  • 2 students
  • Vice provost for graduate studies (ex officio, non-voting)
  • Vice Provost for the Division of Graduate Studies (ex officio, non-voting)

Of the 12 teaching faculty, 6 shall be from College of Arts and Sciences representing the humanities (2), the social sciences (2), and the natural sciences (2), but no two shall be from the same CAS department; 1 from each of the professional schools/colleges which include the College of Design, the Lundquist College of Business, the College of Education, the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Music and Dance, and the Law School.

The elected faculty members of the Graduate Council shall come from departments that have graduate major programs leading to a graduate degree and are conducted under the jurisdiction of the Division of Graduate Studies.

One student must be from a graduate program leading to a master's degree and one must be from a graduate program leading to a doctoral degree.

The Vice Provost for Graduate Studies shall be empowered to appoint other ex-officio, non-voting members to represent important constituencies of graduate students and faculty as needed. (UOCC will designate an ex officio non-voting member to Grad council).

2023-24 Graduate Council

Member Title Unit Term Through
Ron Bramhall Associate Vice Provost Office of the Provost Ex Officio
Krista Chronister Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Division of Graduate Studies Ex Officio
Nancy Cunningham Director UO Libraries Ex Officio
Jason Brown Associate Professor CAS Humanities 2026
Erik Girvan Associate Professor Law School 2025
Aaron Gullickson Associate Professor CAS Social Sciences 2024
Bonnie Gutierrez Senior Assistant Registrar Office of the Registrar Ex Officio
Beth Harn Associate Professor College of Education 2023
Maile Hutterer Associate Professor College of Design 2026
Jaewoo Kim Assistant Professor Lundquist College of Business 2024
Gabriela Martinez Professor SOJC 2026
Ben McMorran Associate Professor CAS Natural Sciences 2026
Kathryn Mills Assistant Professor CAS Natural Sciences 2026
Barbara Muraca Associate Professor CAS Humanities 2025
Leslie Straka Professor SOMD 2024
Frances White Professor UOCC Representative Ex Officio
Master's Student Vacant   2024
Xiangchen Gu Doctoral Student East Asian Lang. & Lit. 2024

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