GE Absences and Leave Policies

The guidance below is based on Article 29 of the current GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement. Additionally, GEs should be aware that the new Oregon Paid Family & Medical Leave program offers provisions for paid leave for qualifying events. 

GEs accrue three (3) work days of paid sick leave for every term of paid GE work.

GEs can accrue a maximum of ten work days of sick leave.

Short-Term Absences (Five Working Days or Less)

All GEs should be familiar with the absence notification procedure outlined in their hiring unit’s GDRS and should be prepared work with their supervisor to identify how and when missed time can be made up.

Longer-Term Absences (More than Five Working Days)

If a GE misses or is going to miss more than five days in a term, the GE or their designee must contact the Division of Graduate Studies. The Division of Graduate Studies will coordinate with the GE and employing unit on any adjustment due to the GE’s absence. Prior to adjusting a GE’s FTE, the following factors will be considered:

  1. duration of the absence
  2. timing of the absence
  3. the GE’s assignment
  4. ability of the GE to perform assigned duties
  5. whether or not it is feasible to adjust the assignment of duties within the current term
  6. the absence’s impact on academic progress

If there is no adjustment of FTE under this section, the Division of Graduate Studies will consult with the employing unit and the GE in determining how the duties and workload allocation could be adjusted to maintain the original FTE, including whether accrued sick days should be used to account for the absences. 

Family and Medical Leave for GEs

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To request consultation about absences, contact Jered Nagel, Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Studies.