Graduate Employment

Faculty or staff? More information about hiring and administering graduate employees

What is a GE?

Graduate employee (GE) is the term used at the University of Oregon for teaching, research, and administrative graduate assistantships.

Generally, there are two ways to find out about GE opportunities through:

  • Your major department/program
  • The Division of Graduate Studies

All GE positions at the UO are union represented.

GE Job Openings


UO GEs receive a competitive compensation package including:

  • Monthly salary
  • Full-time tuition waiver
  • Mandatory fees subsidy
  • Subsidized health insurance premiums, including coverage for eligible dependents

Academic Department GEs

  • Eligibility: Typically open to graduate students within each specific department.
  • Job Type: Most of these positions involve teaching or conducting research.
  • Explore & Learn More: Contact the academic department to learn about available positions.

Other GEs

  • Eligibility: Open to all graduate students, regardless of major.
  • Job Type: Most of these positions are administrative in nature, but some teaching positions may be available.
  • Explore & Learn More: See current GE openings.

Types of GE Appointments


Most positions in academic departments are teaching-related. Duties may include serving as a grader, a teaching assistant, a lab or discussion section leader, or sole instructor for a class.


Research positions are offered by academic departments as well as UO’s many research centers and institutes.


These positions are often in non-academic (administrative and research) units. Duties can involve:

  • Playing a leadership role with regard to a particular program 
  • Counseling or advising responsibilities (e.g., in Academic Advising or the Accessible Education Center)
  • Performing a specialized role central to a particular function (e.g., communications, writing, editing, IT)


To apply for a GE, you must have been regularly admitted into a master's or doctoral degree program. That is, your classification must be Conditional Master's, Master's, Conditional Doctoral, Doctoral, or Law.

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