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Concurrent Programs

Interested in seeking multiple degrees? Learn about the ways that students have combined degrees to create their own path.

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Interdisciplinary Master's Program

Design a course of study to fit your interests. You’ll work with a faculty committee to pursue and complete this flexible but rigorous master’s degree program.

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Graduate Certificates

Enhance your knowledge and broaden skills with these short, focused programs. Graduate Certificates are a great way to supplement your degree or begin a move in a new direction.

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Research with Real World Impact

Through its many research centers and institutes, the University of Oregon has a long history of interdisciplinary collaboration. Our researchers receive funding from federal agencies, state governments, and private foundations. Our sponsored research and innovation efforts reward their investments by contributing tens of millions of dollars to Oregon’s economy each year, creating jobs and improving the lives of people in our communities.

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Connect with us about orientations, workshops, and trainings and other opportunities. 

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