Special Assistance Funds

Graduate Student Assistance Fund

The Graduate Student Assistance Fund program is designed to assist our graduate students facing financial hardship relating to a qualifying event (new child, medical issue, childcare expenses).

Maximum award amounts are capped and are determined by the nature of the qualifying event. Availability and size of awards is contingent upon the amount of available monies in the fund, as well as applicant’s meeting the eligibility requirements.

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Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan

There are three Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan options:

  1. General Loan: A short-term loan available to graduate students to be used in the pursuit of their graduate studies at UO.
  2. Late GE Paycheck Loan: A short-term loan available to graduate employees (GEs) who anticipate that their paycheck will not be processed by the last day of that month.
  3. Late "Paid Leave Oregon" Loan: A short-term loan available to graduate employees (GEs) who anticipate that their Paid Leave Oregon disbursement will not be delivered by the last day of that month or will otherwise result in a disruption of their normal pay schedule.

As part of the application process, students must choose a 30, 60, or 90 day repayment schedule.

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GE Funding Extension Petition

The GE Funding Extension is an award of up to one year of additional GE funding for graduate students who were told by a UO employee that a GE appointment outside of their home/hiring unit would not count against their funding offer provided at the time of admission. A graduate student may petition for additional GE funding during academic year 2023-24 or 2024-25. The additional GE funding will be provided during the academic year immediately following petition.  

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