General Duties and Responsibilities Statements (GDRS)

Article 9, Work Agreement/Work Assignment, in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the University and the GTFF details the General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) that each hiring unit must prepare describing the conditions under which GE appointments and reappointments are made, evaluations are performed, etc.

The GDRS is not a job description. In a grievance situation or dispute, however, the hiring unit will be held to the policies and procedures outlined in its GDRS.

The GDRS documents linked below are the master copies, and any electronic or non-electronic distribution of the GDRS must be made from these copies.

Current GDRS Documents

GDRS Archive

GDRS Policies and Timelines

At the time of hire, GEs shall be provided with instructions on how to access the department’s GDRS.

Each department's GDRS is valid for the period of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Annual updates are not required, but the Division of Graduate Studies will put out a call for units to make updates if neeeded by May 15 for the following academic year. 

Per Article 9, Section 6 of the CBA, GEs may submit proposed GDRS revisions or feedback to their department/hiring unit by April 15th each year. The Division of Graduate Studies sends an email to all GEs around April 1st reminding them of this opportunity. Due to the timing of CBA ratification, the timeline for 2024 was modified such that GEs received an email on April 26th with a deadline of May 16th for providing feedback. 

First-time GE-employing units who need to create a new GDRS should review the GDRS docs of similar units and then email the Division of Graduate Studies to get started.


Revised April 26, 2024