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For PDF files, please download, open, edit, and save these fillable forms using only Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Do not use your web browser to edit or save the form.

General Forms

Change of Graduate Classification

This form is used to change from conditional status to regular status, or to change from a doctoral student to a master's student within the same program. 

Petition to Remove an Incomplete

Submit this petition to the Division of Graduate Studies when an incomplete grade in a graduate course has not been converted into a passing grade within one calendar year of the incomplete assignment.

Petition for Reinstatement

If you have missed one or more terms without filing for on-leave status, use this form to request reinstatement to your graduate program. 

Extension of Seven Year Deadline

Submit this petition to request an extension of the 7-year time limit for completing your master's or doctoral degree.

General Petition to the Division of Graduate Studies

This petition may be used to request exceptions to Division of Graduate Studies regulations only, not program specific exceptions. The petition must be endorsed by your graduate advisor and by the head of your school or department before it can be submitted to the Division of Graduate Studies for action.

Content and Style Request Form

Note: this form is no longer required to request to use a specific journal format style and/or to include articles which have been co-authored. Instead, students need only comply with the requirements outlined in Chapter X of the UO Style and Policy Manual

Reservation of Graduate Credit

Use this form to obtain approval to register for a graduate-level course as an undergraduate.

Master’s Forms

Application for Graduation (GradWeb)

On-Leave Status (GradWeb)

Transfer of Graduate Credit

Master's Thesis Approval Form

Accelerated Master's Program Graduate Course Registration

Doctoral Forms

Application for Graduation (GradWeb)

Dissertation Committee Service Nomination

On-Leave Status (GradWeb)

Oral Defense Application (GradWeb)

Concurrent Degree, Graduate Certificate, and Specialization Forms

Declaration of Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent Degree Program Plan

Declaration of Graduate Certificate

Declaration of Graduate Specialization

Graduate Employee-Related Forms

Assigning GEs to Graduate-Level Courses

Create a GE Announcement

Family & Medical Leave

GEs Assisting Instructor of Record GEs

GE Level II Recommendation Memo

GE Onboarding Checklist

GE Workload Allocation Form Template 

Graduate Employment Application (for optional use as part of departmental GE application procedure)

SEVIS and Visa Fee Reimbursement Request

Summer Tuition Waiver

Summer GE Overload Approval Form (for GEs working over .49 in the Summer)