Thesis vs. Project

  thesis terminal project/capstone
Basic Definition Substantial paper presenting independent research that makes a contribution to the current body of knowledge in a scholarly field. Typically includes five basic chapters or divisions: an introduction and statement of the problem, a review of the literature pertinent to the problem, an explanation of the materials and methods used to solve the problem, a discussion of results, and a conclusion. A paper or other type of presentation embodying the knowledge and skills acquired from course work completed for the master's degree. Structure and format vary by program. 
Formatting Must conform to ETD Style Manual No set format; subject to requirements of student's program
Credits At least 9 credits of 503 Thesis required Varies by program; refer to handbook, grad coordinator, or advisor
Submission and Approval Submitted to and reviewed by Division of Graduate Studies Submitted to student's program only
Publication ProQuest and Scholars' Bank May be submitted to Scholars' Bank if desired