Doctoral Residency Requirements

Of the 81 minimum credits required for a doctoral degree, at least 27 credits must be completed at the University of Oregon while classified as a doctoral student. 

During this residency period, the student is expected to make progress toward the degree by completing course credits and satisfying doctoral degree requirements.

Courses in Research (601), Reading and Conference (605), and other individualized study options may be a part of the 27 credits, but the majority (i.e. at least 14 credits) of the residency requirement is expected to consist of regular graduate course work.

Coursework completed as a UO master’s student may count toward the doctoral residency requirement under these circumstances:  

  • The master’s program is in the same major as the doctoral program 
  • No more than one calendar year has lapsed between the last term of enrollment as a master’s student and the start of the doctoral program  

Note: The 18 required credits in 603 Dissertation do not count toward the residency requirement.  

Doctoral Transfer Credits