Orientations and Trainings

New Student Orientation

The Division of Graduate Studies offers a variety of ways to orient yourself to campus and connect with the UO community. 

Welcome Lunch and Resource Fair

September 24, 2024, 11:00 am-1:30 pm, EMU Ballroom, Eugene Campus

Join us at a welcome lunch for graduate students! Meet fellow students, attend the resource fair and eat delicious FREE food.  RSVP coming soon

Get connected with:

  • UO Health Services
  • Housing
  • Student Funding
  • Identity support groups
  • Career Services
  • Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF)
  • Graduate Students and more!

Student Accommodations - Orientation and welcome events are important and we want them to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. We will work with students to make any needed accommodations to ensure a smooth orientation and transition to graduate school. If you've already notified us of accommodation requests when you registered for the lunch, you do not need to send further information!  For requests and questions, you can email us at graduatestudies@uoregon.edu or call us 541-346-5129.  The Accessible Education Center also provides support for students. The AEC is dedicated to facilitating and supporting accessible education through access and full inclusion of students with disabilities into the university environment.

Accessibility Routes - Follow this link for a map of the accessible paths on campus. If you will need assistance getting around campus during our Welcome Lunch and Resource Fair, please email us if you did not include this information in your registration! 

International Student Orientation (ISO) - The Division of Global Engagement coordinates an international orientation for all incoming international students. Incoming international graduate students are not required to attend, but are highly encouraged to attend if available. ISO begins on September 23. See the International Student Orientation website for details.

Online Orientation

Available July 15

How to access the online orientation:

  1. Receive your formal offer of admission from the Division of Graduate Studies. You will be notified of your formal offer of admission via email. Your UO ID and Personal Access Code (PAC) will be available in the "Status Updates" section of your application status portal.. You will not be able to complete the next steps until you have received your formal offer of admission. 
  2. Navigate here to claim your Duck ID. Your Duck ID will be your login credentials for most services at the UO.
  3. Navigate to community.uoregon.edu.
  4. Input your Duck ID and password.
  5. Click “Division of Graduate Studies Orientation” on your Dashboard.

New Graduate Employee Trainings & Requirements

Mandatory GE Training

New Graduate Employees must complete the required graduate employee (GE) trainings. Read more here.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Non-native speakers of English who accept graduate employee (GE) positions that involve teaching must submit a test score demonstrating their proficiency in speaking English.

Graduate Student Day of Teaching

September 25, 2024, Eugene campus

The annual GE Day of Teaching event helps all graduate student teachers access high-quality training before they enter the classroom and invites them into a vibrant and supported UO teaching community. The Day of Teaching is a collaboration between the Division of Graduate Studies and the Teaching Engagement Program.

On a single day, the Teaching Engagement Program and its partners—the Office of the Provost’s Teaching Academy Advisory Board, the UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies, and the Office of the Dean of Students—offer multiple sessions for first-time teachers, including first-time sole instructors and first-time lab and discussion sections leaders. The day ends with a shared, large-format strategy session that brings together new and experienced GEs and teaching support staff.

Read more here. 

Introduction to Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) & Health Insurance

Date, time and location to be announced, Eugene Campus