Graduate Awardees

2020-2021 Graduate Awards

Congratulations to all awardees

Betty Foster McCue Fellowship | David E. Easly Memorial Award | Deans First Year Merit | Eric Englund Fellowship | First-Year Fellowship | Future Stewards | Gary E. Smith Summer Professional Development Award | Graduate Teaching Excellence Award | Kimble First Year Teaching Award | Lokey Graduate Science FellowshipsLokey Graduate Science Award | Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship | Margaret Wiese | NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program | Promising Scholar Award | Raymund First-Year Fellowship | Sandra Morgen Public Impact Fellowship | Southeast Asian Studies Fellowship | UO Dissertation Fellowship | UO Doctoral Research Fellowship | UO Oregon Sylff Fellowships for International Research

Betty Foster McCue Fellowship 

In honor of the lifetime of teaching and administrative service by Professor Emerita Betty Foster McCue, the Betty Foster McCue Fellowship award supports doctoral students with interests related to human development and performance.

Name Department Name Department
Akhila Nekkanti Prevention Science Lola Loustaunau Sociology

David S. Easly Memorial Award

The David S Easly award is designed to support outstanding masters and doctoral students pursuing degrees related to environmental conservation and preservation. Funds are to be used to assist with the academic costs associated with attending the university, such as tuition, fees, books, miscellaneous supplies, travel, and research.

Name Department Name Department
Alison Deak Nonprofit Management Briana Meier Environmental Science, Studies & Policy
Geoffrey Johnson Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Herve Memiaghe Landscape Architecture
Jamie Wright Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Kellum Tate Earth Sciences
Lina Batas Environmental Science, Studies & Policy T.J. Fiorelli Landscape Architecture

Deans First Year Merit

These awards are distributed by the Division of Graduate Studies to programs with high completion rates, low time-to-degree, high selectivity and yield to enrolled students, increasing diversity, and positive student experience reports.  Programs then award these fellowships to their top incoming PhD students.


Name Department Name Department
Adria Mankute Marketing Alex Rosen Chemistry
Emily Dennis Chemistry Emily Karolidis  Human Physiology
Ethan Kimmett Chemistry Ethan Carlson Chemistry
Haley Smith Chemistry Hannah Hazel Chemistry
Haojie Yang Accounting Hunter Pearson Accounting
Kayd Meldrum Chemistry Kyra Brakefield Chemistry
Liza Briody-Pavlik Chemistry Mackenzie Kehmeier Human Physiology
Matthew Bucher Human Physiology Samuel Eger Chemistry
Samuel Park Marketing Veronica Spaulding Chemistry
Yuwen Yuan Finance    

Eric Englund Fellowship

The Eric Englund Fellowship is designed for students in any UO Ph.D. program whose dissertation project is focused on research in American literature, history, philosophy or other related fields.


Name Department
Maggie Newton Philosophy

First-Year Fellowship

These awards are distributed by the Division of Graduate Studies to programs with high completion rates, low time-to-degree, high selectivity and yield to enrolled students, increasing diversity, and positive student experience reports.  Programs then award these fellowships to their top incoming PhD students.


Name Department Name Department
Aaron Honn Counseling Psychology/Prevention Science Agustina Schiano Philosophy
Angela Allmendinger Counseling Psychology/Prevention Science Daschel Franz Counseling Psychology/Prevention Science
Hannah Zeller English Jennifer Lue Physics
Jensen Wainwright Anthropology Lauren Berny Counseling Psychology/Prevention Science
Madison Cook School Psycholgy Megan Betts Sociology
Meredith Jacobson Environmental Sciences, Studies and Policy Susana Marquez Rosales Physics

Future Stewards

The Future Stewards program will provide an opportunity to work with the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon and Native American tribes that had traditional and customary tribal boundaries in parts of the state of Oregon or that ceded or reserved lands within the state of Oregon to help to make graduate education more accessible for their members.


Name Department Name Department
Mercedez Paschal Curriculum & Teaching Nicole Barney Special Education
Stephanie Wright Curriculum & Teaching    


Gary E. Smith Summer Professional Development Award

The Gary E. Smith award is designed to support outstanding graduate and law students pursuing academic, professional development, or training enrichment opportunities during the summer. The activity would provide unique opportunities not normally available as part of the degree program.


Name Department Name Department
Alexana Hickmott Anthropology Jane Nam Philosophy
Jayden Wang Mathematics John Montani Philosophy
Joshua Kerr Philosophy Keenan Greyslak Human Physiology
Lidia Huerta Communications Disorders Mary McLevey Philosophy
Rachael Lee English Tamara Niella  Psychology

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

The Graduate Teaching Excellence Award is jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Division of Graduate Studies, and the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success. It is designed to recognize outstanding teaching performance by experienced graduate employees (GEs) who have demonstrated a commitment to developing their instructional skills, while at the same time excelling in their academic degree program.


Name Department
Iida Pollanen Comparative Literature

Kimble First Year Teaching Award

The Kimble First-Year Teaching Award, named in honor of professor emeritus Dan Kimble, is jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Division of Graduate Studies, and the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, and administered by the Teaching Engagement Program. The award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate student instructors who have demonstrated a commitment to inclusive, engaged, and research-led practice. The annual prizes typically are awarded to one first-time lab or discussion section leader and to one first-time sole instructor.  


Name Department Name Department
Kiana Nadonza Anthropology Sydney Leverett  Human Physiology

Lokey Graduate Science Fellowships

Made possible by a generous donation of Mr. Lorry I. Lokey, the Lokey Doctoral Science Fellowships support students during their final year of doctoral study to allow them to focus on their research endeavors and to prepare for the next steps in their academic career.


Name Department Name Department
Theresa Cheng Psychology Matthew Napolitano Anthropology
Amanda Steinhebel Physics Kirsten Vinyeta Environmental Sciences, Studies & Policy

Lokey Graduate Science Award

Made possible by a generous donation of Mr. Lorry I. Lokey, the Lokey Graduate Science Award aims to help doctoral programs compete with AAU benchmark institutions in the recruitment of the top students into their programs.


Name Department Name Department
Dara Craig Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Elaina Barker Political Science
Emma Mazzuchi Linguistics Gifty Tetteh Environmental Science, Studies & Policy
Godfrey Jaxen Physics Grace Boyd-Bigby Political Science
Jacob Hass Physics Jenna Kishinevsky Physics
Megan Hayes Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Meredith Jacobson Environmental Science, Studies & Policy
Nick Sky Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Oriana Chafe Environmental Science, Studies & Policy
Troy Brundidge Geography    

Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship

The Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship derives from an endowment created to provide support for graduate students with financial need who are pursuing studies that emphasize communication, especially writing skills.


Name Department
Daniel Daly Music

Margaret Wiese

The Margaret Wiese Graduate Research Award was designed to support graduate student research related to preserving the culture, language, or artifacts of northwestern Native Americans. These awards have been established through the Margaret J. Wiese Scholarship Endowment Fund.


Name Department
Annie Reiva History

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines who are pursuing research-based masters and doctoral degrees at accredited US institutions. The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000 to the institution.


Name Department Name Department
Alejandro Brambila Environmental Science, Studies & Policy Alison Chang Chemistry
Andrew Morris Biology Annalise Gardella Anthropology
Annie Gilbert Chemistry Brendan Cullen Psychology
David Small Earth Sciences Eliza Hernandez Environmental Science, Studies & Policy
Estelle Berger Psychology James Hunter Chemistry
Jonny Saunders Psychology Katie Fisher Biology
Kayla Evens Biology Khoa Le Chemistry
Kiana Kawamura Chemistry Marc Foster Chemistry
Michelle Muth Earth Sciences Reyn Yoshioka Biology
Ross Whippo Biology Ruth Maust Chemistry
Trevor Shear Chemistry    

Promising Scholar

The purpose of the Promising Scholar Award is to recruit highly qualified incoming graduate students from diverse backgrounds who add to the academic and scholarly excellence of the university. The award is administered by theDivision of Graduate Studies in partnership with departments, schools and colleges, the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation, the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and the Office of the Provost to leverage our collective resources in support of our shared goals to increase the number of outstanding UO graduate students of diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Name Department Name Department
Aakanksha Lahoti Counseling Psychology Alehandra Pedraza International Studies
Amanda Davis Chemistry Andres Guerrero  Chemistry
Anisha Babu Psychology Anwesha Guha Quantitative Research Methods in Education
Apoorva Karekal Human Physiology  Aubrey Green Prevention Science
Avery Conner Earth Sciences Christina Cauley Earth Sciences
Collin Robinson Media Studies Daniel Quintero Plata German
Donna Zehner Human Physiology Edder Fernando Martinez Lazo Economics
Emalydia Flenory English Emily Arnesen Economics
Emma Reed Human Physiology Erika Arias Sociology
Esmeralda Castro Prevention Science Gifty Tetteh Environmental Sciences, Studies & Policy
Hanna Hoffman Mathematics Haven Warwick Psychology
Holly Jones English Jasmine Ramirez-Miranda Counseling Psychology
Jazmynn Garcia School Psychology Jennifer Lue Physics
Jessica Johnson Art History Jessica Atencio Human Physiology
Kathryn Scholz  Earth Sciences Lindsay Terlikowski Creative Writing
Mahindra Mohan Kumar Sociology Malvya Chintakindi Anthropology
Maria Coronado Cabrera  Architecture Marissa Dierkes Physics 
Megan Betts Sociology Micah Michelle Mendoza Counseling Psychology
Naomi Wilson Chemistry Nathan Young Psychology
Richard Davies English Robyn Naidoo Human Physiology
Rosa Smith English Sarah Rich Chemistry
Sarah McDougald Psychology Savanah Bird Biology
Servio Marin  Romance Languages Troy Brundidge Geography
Zacharias Silvas Chemistry    

Raymund First-Year Fellowship

Thanks to a generous gift from Oregon alumnus Steve Raymund, the Division of Graduate Studies is proud to support a number of high-achieving Ph.D. students throughout their studies.  Raymund Fellows are chosen on the basis of their outstanding academic achievement, while also considering educational, geographic, gender, racial/ethnic, and other forms of diversity.


Name Department Name Department
Avery Conner Earth Sciences Daniel Quintero Plata German & Scandinavian
Elizabeth McGuire Anthropology Emma Mazzuchi Linguistics
Heather Leonard Counseling Psychology & Human Services Justin Szasz Sociology
Sergio Marin Romance Languages Mariam Nadeem Comparative Literature

Sandra Morgen Public Impact Fellowship

The purpose of the Sandra Morgen Public Impact Fellowship (formally known as the UO Public Impact Fellowship) award is to recognize and support the work of up to two graduate students whose research has the potential to have a significant impact on society.


Name Department Name Department
Johnathan Lichtenstein  School Psychology Kirsten Vinyeta  Environmental Science, Studies & Policy

Southeast Asian Studies Fellowship

The Southeast Asian Studies Fellowship award is designed to encourage graduate research about Southeast Asia. Awards may be requested for educational expenses, including tuition supplements, travel, equipment purchase, books, and supplies, or other educational needs. The award is made possible by an endowment from Norman Sundberg, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, and Donna Sundberg.


Name Department
Elio Garcia English

UO Dissertation Fellowship

Co-sponsored by the schools and colleges at the UO, the UO Dissertation Research Fellowship is awarded to the most outstanding doctoral student in their unit.


Name Department Name Department
Beyene Gubae Media Studies Cameron Johnson Physics
Chandler Lester Economics Devin Lea Geography
Elisabeth Goldman Anthropology Rachel Guldin Media Studies
Jon Aycock Mathematics Jonathan Lichtenstein School Psychology
Jonathan Wright Linguistics Kate Spitzley Human Physiology
Martha Bannikov Comparative Literature Nathan Warren LCB
Niyati Naik Architecture Zack Fox LCB

UO Doctoral Research Fellowship

For students in any UO Ph.D. program, this fellowship is awarded to the most outstanding doctoral student as determined by a faculty selection committee.


Name Department
Jeremy Bard Chemistry

UO Oregon Sylff Fellowships for International Research

The Sylff program aims to identify and nurture leaders who will overcome differences in nationality, language, ethnicity, religion, and political systems to tackle global issues, and whose high integrity and drive to address issues unique to their respective countries can make a real difference. Fellowship stipends are awarded to full-time doctoral students for one academic year of graduate work involving research and scholarly endeavors in programs and projects with an international dimension.


Name Department Name Department
Emily Masucci Anthropology Katherine Shields Geography
Liudmila Listrovaya  Sociology Luciana Etcheverry Hernandez Economics