Preparing the Payroll Request Form (PRF)

Hiring units must complete and submit a Payroll Form (PRF) for every GE appointment and reappointment by the established deadline for the term of appointment in order to ensure that GEs are paid on time and receive their tuition and fees at the start of the term, and appear on the GE insurance eligibility list by the start of their appointment.

Deadlines for submitting PRFs

Appointments cannot be fully set up until payroll receives complete and accurate hire documents. Payroll documentation deadlines can be found on Payroll's website. The Division of Graduate Studies PRF submission deadlines can be found here

Completing the Fields on the PRF Correctly 

DuckDocs PRF User Guide

Submit a PRF (see user guide for step by step instructions)

When Not to Use a PRF

  • The mandatory training that each new GE must take at the beginning of their first term as a GE should not be paid through PRF. The Division of Graduate Studies handles this completely, and pays the GEs through central funds.