Graduate Employee (GE) Hiring Process

The GE hiring process begins in the hiring unit with GE selection.

After a GE has been selected, an payroll request form (PRF) is submitted electronically by the hiring unit via the DuckDocs GE workflow system.

The PRF is reviewed and approved by the Division of Graduate Studies.

Once the Division of Graduate Studies approves a PRF, a notice of appointment is issued to the GE. The PRF is forwarded onto payroll for final entry into Banner.

Additional hire documents must be sent directly to payroll.

Details of each step are below:

Step 1: Announcing the Position and Selecting a GE

To ensure that you are announcing your GE position and selecting/appointing your GE in accordance with established guidelines, please review the following before getting started:

GE positions that are open to graduate students in any major (such as Institutional Priority GE positions, positions in academic units for which non-majors are eligible, and open pool positions in academic units) must be posted on the Division of Graduate Studies website.

To post your position, you should submit a GE announcement for Division approval through this website.

The following information is required:

  • Position Title
  • FTE or FTE range (e.g., .30-.49)
  • Appointment terms (e.g., winter and spring 2021)
  • Job duties/responsibilities
    • To post multiple specific assignments or provide additional information, you may provide a link to your own website or to a PDF on your website in this section
  • Preferred qualifications
    • While graduate students in any major may apply; you may cite specific majors as preferred in this section
  • Application procedure
  • An application deadline date that ensures posting for at least 10 working days
  • The contact person's name, physical address, e-mail, and telephone number

Your ad will be approved and posted or you will be contacted for more information.

Step 2: Submitting the Payroll Form (PRF) to the Division of Graduate Studies via DuckDocs

Step 3: Send Hire Documents to Payroll


  • PRFs are processed by the Division of Graduate Studies as received

    • To ensure timely processing, please submit PRFs by 5:00 pm on the following dates:

      Term Deadline
      Summer 2023 Second Friday in May - May 12, 2023
      Fall 2023 Third Friday in July - July 21, 2023
      Winter 2024 Second Friday in November - November 10, 2023
      Spring 2024 Second Friday in February - February 9, 2024
  • Appointments cannot be fully set up until payroll receives complete and accurate hire documents. Payroll documentation deadlines can be found on Payroll's website. The Summer 2023 payroll documentation deadline is June 7, 2023. The Fall 2023 payroll documentation deadline is September 8, 2023.