Graduate Employee (GE) Appointment Costs

GE costs consist of:

Monthly Salary

The UO and GTFF establish minimum salary rates through collective bargaining.

Units may elect to establish their own higher annual rates. Schools and colleges must submit annual rates for departments paying above the minimums by March 1 to the Division of Graduate Studies.

Rates are set for three levels of appointment, defined in the CBA, as follows:

  • GE I: Regularly enrolled graduate students admitted to a graduate degree program or doctoral students who are not eligible for a GE II or GE III appointment.

  • GE II: Regularly enrolled graduate students who have a master's degree in the same or cognate field, successfully completed a qualifying examination, or completed 45 credit hours toward a doctoral degree and have written recommendation of the head of their major department.

  • GE III: Regularly enrolled doctoral students who have been advanced to candidacy.

Annual rates are based on 1.0 FTE over a nine-month year.

Monthly salary is calculated as follows:

(9 Month Annual Base Rate/9) x FTE

View the Monthly Gross Salary by FTE for upcoming years.

Other Payroll Expenses (OPE)

  • Budget and Resource Planning sets blended OPE rates each year.

  • The GE OPE rate for FY22 is 4.6% and the leave rate is .3%.

  • The OPE for GEs does not include GE medical insurance or tuition. GE medical insurance and tuition are charged separately by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) each term to the index the salary is paid from.

Tuition Remission

  • GEs receive a tuition remission for up to 16 credits per term (GEs must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credits toward their degree each term).

  • Hiring units are charged the GE tuition at the resident rate of the student's major.

  • GE tuition is charged by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) to the index from which salary is paid.

  • The tuition remission is applied fully, regardless of major. See cross-college hire information if hiring student from a different school/college.

  • Self-support courses are not covered by the GE tuition remission unless they are required by the graduate degree program.

Mandatory Fee Subsidy

  • In the academic year (fall, winter, spring) GEs receive a mandatory fee subsidy of all but $61 of fees and the hiring unit is responsible for the remainder.

  • In the summer, enrolled GEs are responsible for 65% of fees.

  • The Business Affairs Office (BAO) charges the hiring unit’s share of fees to the index from which salary is paid.

Health Insurance

  • Hiring units are charged a single rate per term.

  • GE health insurance is charged by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) to the index from which salary is paid.

    • The single rates per term are as follows:

      Fall 2021$1,953
      Winter 2022$1,875 
      Spring 2022$1,875 (tentative - subject to change)
      Summer 2022TBD
      Fall 2020$1,850
      Winter 2021$1,750
      Spring 2021$1,750
      Summer 2021$1,950