Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students are both academically and financially responsible for all classes in which they register until they officially withdraw from the university.

Consult the Office of the Registrar for withdrawal procedures and information on the university tuition refund policies.

Students who withdraw are no longer able to use university services to which they previously had access.

A graduate employee (GE) who withdraws from the university must:

  1. Log in and withdraw from classes using DuckWeb.

    • An alert message will appear that reads, “STOP…Our records indicate that your student status does not permit you to continue with this withdrawal process on DuckWeb” and the student will be informed that they must consult with Division of Graduate Studies staff.

    • If a complete withdrawal from the graduate program is permitted, the Division of Graduate Studies will determine whether the GE will keep the current tuition waiver and insurance, and will complete a withdrawal permission form that will be sent to the registrar's office on the student's behalf.

    • If the student is no longer eligible for the GE tuition waiver, they will be subject to regular resident or non-resident graduate tuition rates and appropriate withdrawal fees and penalties will apply as outlined by the Office of the Registrar refund schedules.

  2. Submit a formal letter of resignation to the hiring unit.

    • This letter should include the effective date of resignation. This will become the stop-date on the PRF.

  3. Schedule and hold an exit interview with a financial aid counselor if the GE receives financial aid/loans.

  4. File an on-leave form with the Division of Graduate Studies if they plan to return to UO at any time in the future.

    • Please keep in mind that on-leave status requires that the student be in good standing, and that there are limits on the number of terms of on-leave status a student can take.

    • Students may not be on leave for their first term in the program. They must work with their prospective program to determine their options for reapplying in a future term.