Graduate Employee (GE) Cost Charging Guidance

Tuition, Fees, Insurance

  • GE salary and other payroll expenses (OPE) are charged to units through payroll.

  • GE tuition, fees, and insurance are charged to the index the salary is paid from by the Business Affairs Office (BAO).

Tuition, Fees, Insurance - Summer Term

  • Students who DO NOT have Summer GE appointments

    • If they had GE appointments in any two quarters of the preceding academic year, they are eligible for a summer tuition waiver.

    • The summer tuition is charged to the student’s home academic unit regardless of which department employed the GE in the academic year.

  • Students who DO HAVE Summer GE appointments:
    • The tuition, fees, and insurance for summer GE appointments are charged to the hiring department.

    • There will not be tuition/fee charges if the student does not enroll in the summer term.

    • The hiring department is only charged for insurance (at the summer blended rate) if the student elects insurance for the summer term.

Splitting Labor Distribution

  • The default is that tuition, fees, and insurance are charged by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) to the index from which the salary is paid, or proportionally split among indexes if there are multiple funding sources. 

  • Departments may contact the Division of Graduate Studies for information about exceptions to the default cost split due to grant restrictions or other reasons. 

Cross-College Hires

  • Tuition is charged to hiring departments according to the student’s program.

  • If an academic department hires a student from another school/college with higher tuition, reimbursement for the amount above the hiring department’s tuition is available.

  • Reimbursements will be made for GE hires using general fund and other budgeted operations.

  • Units are responsible for all costs for GEs paid by sponsored grants and auxiliary/service centers and other funds.

  • Reimbursements will be processed once per term via a budget change to the index indicated on the PRF.

  • Requests must be received within one term after the applicable term.

  • To receive reimbursement:

    • Note the cross-college hire on the PRF, and

    • Submit the student's information via Qualtrics.

Support for Grant-Funded Level III GEs

  • The university provides support to grants on which Level III GEs are hired.

  • The grant index on which the GE is hired will only be charged three credits of tuition.

  • The balance of the tuition will be charged to a non-grant index specified by the school/college.

  • To request the support, note “Level III Grant Supported” on the PRF and notify Phil Davis in the BAO at 6-3524.

Division of Graduate Studies supported GEs (IP/SA, UO Dissertation Fellows)

  • Approved IP/SA positions and UO dissertation fellowship positions receive a reimbursement from the Division of Graduate Studies for tuition, fees, and insurance. The budget change will be made to the index indicated on the PRF.

  • IP/SA positions must note the IP/SA number on the PRF.

  • UO dissertation fellowship positions must note “UO DISS” on the PRF.