Graduate Employee (GE) Employment Verification and References

It is common for prospective employers, landlords, loaning agencies, and banks to contact the university for students’ employment verification or professional reference.

Before sharing information about a GE or other student employee, please note that federal FERPA regulations require the student's written consent be obtained beforehand.

Access to a standard consent to release form and more information at Human Resources

Specific to employment verification, an alternative to gaining the student's written consent is to direct the student to a copy of their notice of appointment to present to the inquirer. NOAs can be found in DuckWeb under the student tab.

Inquiries about employment verification may be responded to by the hiring unit or referred to the university's payroll office.

When gathering this information is time-sensitive and the hiring unit is not available, the Division of Graduate Studies may be able to accommodate students' requests for copies of the appointment contract.