Graduate Employee (GE) Personnel Files

State law requires that GE personnel files must be separate and distinct from academic files.

Copies of all documents pertaining to employment-related performance and evaluation of a GE shall be kept in one file maintained in the GE's hiring unit.

This does not preclude the keeping of additional files in other UO offices as needed for record-keeping purposes.

All evaluative or disciplinary material relating to a GE's employment or performance as a student shall be signed by the author and dated or date-stamped when received and placed in a file.

This requirement does not apply to personnel information forms (PIF) and other similar material routinely placed in files for record-keeping purposes.

Written or evaluative material related to GE employment shall not be included in materials transmitted to the Career Center unless requested by the GE.

Article 11 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement has more information about the placement of evaluative and disciplinary information in GE personnel files.