SEVIS Fee Reimbursement for International Graduate Employees (GEs)


To be eligible for reimbursement of the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) fee, students must:

  • Have paid the SEVIS fee to attend their current UO graduate program 
  • Began in their current UO graduate program in Fall 2014* or later
  • Have been employed as a graduate employee (GE) in the term in which they began their current UO graduate program
  • Have not already been reimbursed for the SEVIS fee payment by another source

Reimbursement Request Process and Timeline

Eligible students must submit a SEVIS reimbursement request. A PDF of the student’s SEVIS I-901 Payment Confirmation must be included with the request.

Reimbursement Timeline

Approved Requests Submitted byWill Receive Reimbursement  by
February 1March 1
April 1May 1
July 1August 1
November 1December 1

Reimbursement Process

The SEVIS fee reimbursement will be made according the reimbursement timeline via a credit of funds (the value of the paid SEVIS fee) to the UO student billing account, accessible in DuckWeb.

Provided the student billing account has no balance due, the full reimbursement will be refunded to the student. Those who have direct deposit set up on their student billing accounts will receive the reimbursement, less any balance due, via their bank account.

SEVIS Fee Reimbursement Form

* The SEVIS Fee Reimbursement is a new provision of the 2014-16 UO-GTFF Collectibe Bargaining Agreement, which took effect December 19, 2014. Salary and benefits (tuition, fees, and insurance) are in place retroactively to September 16, 2014.