Continuous Enrollment Policy

Note: Students whose graduation timelines have been affected by COVID-19 (for example, dissertation defense date postponed, data collection delayed, etc.) and will need to graduate in a later term than originally planned may petition for a waiver of the final term registration requirement, even if they do not meet the typical requirements for receiving a waiver. Students in this situation should submit a General Petition Form to request a waiver.

Graduate students must be registered for a minimum of three graduate credits each term, starting with the term of admission. This includes students who are taking only comprehensive exams, final examinations, completing advancement to candidacy requirements, or presenting recitals, terminal projects, or theses. On-leave status is available for students who need to pause their studies. 

Students must register for at least three graduate credits in the term of admission, and may not be on-leave in the term of admission. Admitted students who do not register in their term of admission should work with their prospective program to determine whether admission is possible for a future term. 

Students not in residence while writing a thesis, dissertation or project, but using faculty assistance, university services or facilities (for example, sending chapters to an advisor by email for feedback) must register for a minimum of three graduate credits per term. Registration should be for thesis or dissertation or project credits.

Summer session registration is not required unless: a) it is the student's first term in the program, or b) the student is using university facilities or faculty or staff services (for example, doctoral students taking exams or submitting papers for advancement to candidacy).

A graduate student who fails to maintain continuous enrollment or obtain on-leave status is required to file a petition for reinstatement. Approval from both the department and the Division of Graduate Studies is required for reinstatement.

The student may, at the discretion of the department, be required to meet departmental admission policies and degree completion requirements that are in effect on the date of reinstatement. 

Doctoral students may, at the discretion of the department, be required to complete a new residency requirement — at least 27 UO credits, at least half of which must be in regular coursework. They may also be required to retake the comprehensive examinations if completed prior to stopping out (withdrawing temporarily from enrollment), if the department feels that this is necessary in order to demonstrate currency of knowledge.