Joint-Campus Registration

University of Oregon graduate students may enroll in graduate courses at Oregon State University and/or Portland State University, with approval from their UO advisor or department and approval from the course instructor and department head at the host institution.

Students will be charged UO tuition rates for the joint-campus course(s).


  • Must be a formally admitted, degree-seeking graduate student at UO

  • Must also be registered for UO credits in the same term you take a joint-campus course

Conditions and Restrictions

  • The course must be applicable towards the requirements for your UO degree program

  • Research, Reading, or other individualized credits are not eligible

  • A maximum of 15 credits may be applied to your UO graduate program

  • Joint campus courses may count toward the 24 graded credit requirement for master’s degrees if taken graded

  • Courses flagged as Ecampus on OSU’s class schedule and courses flagged as Restricted Differential Tuition on PSU’s class schedule are not eligible

  • Self-support courses (those that charge a course fee instead of regular tuition) are not eligible

  • You will have library privileges at both universities while enrolled in a joint campus course

  • Disability services, when needed, will be coordinated between the UO and the university offering the course

Registration Process

  • Obtain the Joint-Campus Registration form from the Office of the Registrar:

  • Obtain handwritten signatures from your advisor, the instructor of the course, and the head of the academic department offering the course at the host institution

  • Return the form to the Office of the Registrar, who will manually register you for the course under the course number JC 610

  • Note: The grading option selected for the course must correspond to the grading option available for the course at the offering university. If the course has optional grading, the student must decide which option they wish to have. You will not be able to modify this option at a later date.

  • The instructor of the course submits the grade using DuckWeb.


  • Return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar no later than the UO course registration deadline for the term.


  • The joint campus course(s) will be included in your UO registration, and assessed tuition just as if it were a UO course.

    The 9-16 credit tuition plateau, if it applies to your tuition rate for the term, includes Joint Campus courses. Course-specific fees are paid to the host institution.