Administering a Graduate Specialization

A graduate specialization is either a subdivision of a major or an interdisciplinary track in which a strong graduate-level curriculum is available.

Graduate specializations are indicated after the major on official records and transcripts once the student graduates with their primary degree.

The University of Oregon offers a number of graduate specializations in specific academic and professional subjects.

Students pursuing a graduate specialization must be admitted to a graduate degree program at the University.

Graduate Specializations

Admission/Declaration Process

In order to pursue a specialization, a student must be admitted to a University of Oregon master’s or doctoral program.

The admission/declaration process is specific to each specialization. To get started, the student should contact the department or program offering the specialization.

The student must complete and submit the specialization declaration form as soon as they have been approved to pursue (or is admitted to) the specialization, but no later than the term prior to applying for graduation.

Important Information about Pursuing and Completing a Specialization

Specific course and credit requirements are established by the department or program at the time that the graduate specialization is established.

All specializations must consist of a minimum of 16 credits of graduate level coursework taken at the UO. All courses must be completed with grades of B or better, or P. 

Coursework taken prior to declaring a graduate specialization may count toward specialization requirements, with approval from the department or program offering the specialization.

However, to be considered, such coursework must have been completed as an admitted graduate student in one of the following classifications:

  • Conditional Master’s
  • Master’s
  • Conditional Doctoral
  • Doctoral
  • Pre-master’s
  • Post-master’s
  • Postbaccalaureate Graduate

All graduate students are subject to the following general policies governing satisfactory progress:

  • Continuous enrollment
  • Minimum three-credit registration each term
  • Maintenance of a 3.0+ cumulative GPA
  • Completion of the program within seven years
  • Maintaining satisfactory progress/good standing

Graduating with the Specialization

No later than Friday of Week 2 in the term of graduation, the student must apply for graduation and be sure to indicate the graduate specialization they also plan to receive.

No later than the Tuesday following the grading deadline for the term of graduation, the department or program housing the specialization must submit a statement of completion for graduate specialization in GradWeb.

The specialization will appear on the final transcript only by officially establishing a graduate specialization.

Establishing a Graduate Specialization

For information about establishing a graduate specialization, read proposing a graduate specialization.

Students should visit pursuing a graduate specialization for more information.