Student Health Coverage at OIMB

An arrangement has been made with the Bay Clinic in Coos Bay to provide coverage for office visits while students are attending OIMB in Charleston. This is coverage that would normally be provided by the Student Health Center in Eugene.

Bay Clinic
1750 Thompson Rd.
Coos Bay, Oregon

Guidelines for Coverage

  1. Registered admitted UO undergraduate and graduate students attending OIMB will be covered under this program. It does not cover employees or researchers taking classes at staff rates, or non-UO summer students.
  2. The office visit charge will be billed to OIMB – then sent on to the UO Health Center for payment processing.
  3. THE STUDENT will be billed by the Bay Clinic for ALL CHARGES other than the office visit. (This includes lab work, emergency services, hospitalization, X-rays, etc.) The student will need to work with their insurance company if they have one, otherwise it is the student’s responsibility to make payment to Bay Clinic.
  4. The Bay Clinic will request that the student sign a medical release of information when they receive treatment. This will permit The Bay Clinic to forward copies of the medical records (exams, etc.) to the Student Health Center for inclusion in the student’s medical record at the University. PLEASE BE SURE TO ASK TO SIGN ONE WHEN YOU ARE THERE.
  5. Students should call ahead to make an appointment with nurse practitioner Kelly Smith, 541-269-0333 x 251, and inform the Bay Clinic that they are students of OIMB.
  6. If you have further questions please check with the office at OIMB.