Housing Resources in the Eugene/Springfield Area


Graduate Village apartments

University Housing

Family Housing and University Apartments offers a number of on-campus or near campus apartments and housing options specifically designed for graduate students or students with families. These housing neighborhoods are often supported by community spaces, parking, playgrounds, access to childcare and other facilities. Option include:

Applications for Family Housing and University Apartments are accepted year-round. You need to be admitted to the University of Oregon before applying and have a university identification (95*******) number.

If you have not received a student identification number, contact the Registrar’s Office. Graduate and Family Housing usually has a waiting list, so it is important to apply as early as possible if you are interested.

Off-Campus Housing

Many graduate students choose to live off campus. Though not comprehensive, Off-Campus Housing includes information about housing, roommates, and resources.

The websites below are not affiliated with the University of Oregon, but they are often used by people looking for housing options in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Another way to find housing is through a local rental agency.

International Student Housing

If you are an international student, you may have some unique questions or circumstances. International Student Scholar and Services provides a helpful housing guide.