FAQ: Communications and Event Requests

Updated February 2020

The communications and event request forms streamline projects for the Graduate School’s communications team. The purpose of these forms is to be transparent, detail-oriented, and accountable for all communications and event requests. 


Will the communications team write content for me?

The communications team can and will edit the content so the messaging works with your medium. However, all requests should come with original and approved content. 

What do I need to do before I submit a request?

First, ask yourself who is your audience and what is the purpose behind your communications project. Next, speak with your stakeholders(e.g., deans, directors, and so forth) about the goals, content, and design for the project you would supply and the project you would like completed.

For design projects, all stakeholders must approve the original copy and sample design.

What happens after I submit a request?

You’ll receive a confirmation and summary of your project via email. At the same time, the communications team receives your request. At that point, your request is sent to Trello and the communications team will manage your project.

How do I show you the sample design?

There are a few ways to show us what you have in mind. You can take a photo of the sample design on your phone, email it yourself, and then upload it to the form.

You can screenshot digital designs, draw examples on paper, or even share a hard-copy with the communications team of a design you’ve recently seen.

What is the timeline for designs?

Before a design request is made, stakeholders must approve the content and sample design. After the request is made, the communications team will create a first draft based on the information received. It’s incredibly important that your request is as descriptive and complete as possible so designs can be completed in a timely fashion.

After the first draft, stakeholders will have up to three opportunities to present design and concept revisions. After the third revision, a new design request must be made, and the process will begin from scratch. These guidelines will ensure efficient use of staff time, quick turnarounds, and quality outcomes.

Can we meet in person to discuss an idea?

Absolutely. Please submit your request to your best ability, and we’ll schedule the meeting with you after the first draft is complete.

How do I track my project’s progress?

Your project will be managed in the Communications Request board on Trello. The only time you will have to engage with Trello, is when we are communicating to you about revisions and initiating meetings. More information on how to use Trello is on their help site.

Are my submissions to AroundtheO, Central Communications, and Quick Quacks guaranteed to be completed?

No, unfortunately not. For a multitude of reasons, your request to University Communications may not be completed, at the discretion of their staff. More information for each of those resources is available on their websites.


If I need to schedule and promote an event, do I need to fill out multiple forms?

No. The events request form includes ways to promote your event. 

How will I keep track of my event request?

Your event information (including all reservation confirmations, catering orders,  menu, audio/visual needs, and so forth) will be in your Events Request board on Trello.

Can I change the event details after I submit a request? (e.g., catering change, attendance count, locations)

Absolutely. Changes to catering must be made at least a week before the event, or the Graduate School will incur a $20 change fee. Catering modifications are not accepted within 24 hours before the event. Location changes are dependent on availability with UO Scheduling. 

Do keep in mind, if the promotion has gone out about your event, and the details change, we will have to work to send out corrections through communications.

Do I have to submit a new request if I have changed?

No, you can make those changes in the messaging section of your Event Request board on Trello.


What if I don’t have all of the information for the request?

Please provide as much information as possible for us to complete the first draft or initiate an event submission. If your request lacks critical information, please refrain from submitting a request until you have all of the information we would need to help you

How will I receive notifications about progress on my project?

You can receive notifications from Trello to your email inbox and you can track the progress of the project in the activity bar on the right side of your board in Trello. 

What happens to my request after it’s complete?

We will archive all completed requests in Trello.

What if the form doesn’t meet the needs for my event or communication request? 

These forms are a work in progress. They must be useful for all involved, we welcome questions, suggestions, and edits.  If you have an idea that will improve the process, we want to hear it!

How can I learn more about using Trello?

Your role with the Trello will require very little training. You will mostly need to view and comment. If you would like to learn more about Trello, visit help.trello.com.