Graduate Studies Form Approvals

If you are unable to obtain actual signatures on a form, please follow the approval instructions below. 

All email submissions and approvals described below must come from a UO email address, or in the case of a non-UO faculty member, their official university email address. 


Approval/Submission Process 
  1. Student fills out PDF Form 
  2. Student emails completed form to advisor 
  3. Advisor forwards form with a statement of approval to the Department Head/Director of Grad Studies 
  4. Department Head/Director of Grad Studies forwards form with a statement of approval to 
Doctoral Oral Defense Certificate of Completion Hard copy Certificate of Completion has been eliminated. After the defense, each committee member must log in to GradWeb to enter their approval of the defense. Detailed instructions will be sent to your committee members prior to the defense. 
Master's Thesis Approval Form
  1. Student fills out PDF form 
  2. Student emails the completed form to the committee chair (and co-chair and advisor, if applicable) 
  3. Committee chair forwards to with statement of approval. If committee has co-chairs or separate chair and advisor, each co-chair and/or advisor must send a separate approval email.  
Degree Certification Letters (for students who need certification that they have completed all requirements while waiting for degree conferral) 

To request a hard copy or PDF certification letter, email the following information to  

  • Your name and UO ID number 
  • Term of graduation 
  • The mailing address or email address to which the letter should be sent (either yours or the school/employer/entity that needs the letter) 
Reservation of Graduate Credit
  1. Student fills out the PDF form 
  2. Student emails the completed form to instructor.  
  3. Instructor forwards the completed form with a statement of approval to the Department Head.  
  4. Department Head forwards the completed form with a statement of approval to  
  5. The Division of Graduate Studies will review the request. The student will be notified of the decision via email.  
  6. If approved, the Division of Graduate Studies will email the Registrar’s Office to add the approved coursework. If the student wishes to no longer pursue the graduate course, they must follow standard add/drop procedures.    
All other forms and documents that require signatures 
  • Email approvals from a UO email address will be accepted in lieu of signatures.
  • Whenever possible, the signer should forward the form as an attachment with a brief statement of approval. 
  • If the signer is not able to include the attachment, the approval statement should describe what it is they are approving and the name of the student, e.g., "I approve of the oral defense for John Smith on April 22nd."