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Safety Resources

The University of Oregon provides several services to ensure student safety. Graduate Student One Stop provides a comprehensive list of resources. The free UOregon Mobile App, available for iOS and Android platforms, includes safety resources.

In compliance with the Clery Act, the University of Oregon publishes an annual report that includes crime statistics, crime prevention information, crime reporting procedures, substance abuse prevention and education, and other resources. Please find the report here.

The following list gives provides safety resources on and off-campus.

  •  Off-campus Resources
  • Personal Safety:
  • Neighborhood  Safety
  • On-campus Services and support
  1. Night safety and Transportation  


The emergency call boxes on campus are strategically distributed throughout campus to help the user immediately connect with police dispatchers. The campus at night map shows the lit paths and emergency boxes.

The UO's Duck Ride program and Designated Driver Shuttle provide safe transportation around and off-campus at night. Students of all gender identities can request a safety escort from UOPD. All the services are free to UO students.

Public Safety Resources

In response to student feedback and the protests against police brutality and racial profiling across the nation, the University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) initiated a shift to creating unarmed community service officer positions. The community service officers respond to nonemergency calls that do not require the presence of a police officer.

You can find more information about the Community Service Officers here.

UOPD provides several options to receive feedback and concerns from the campus community.

Please find all the services provided by the UOPD here.


UO Portland offers a security escort service for all staff and students. Please call these numbers to request help. 

  • 503-710-2084 
  • 503-710-8004 (after-hours) 
  • 503-595-3440 (dispatcher) 

 UO Alert Portland: Sign up for the UO Alert Text messaging system to receive notifications in the event of an emergency on campus.  Please find all the safety resources details here

  1.  Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Stalking  


The Division of Student Life provides personal safety resources and programs that offer support for students experiencing sexual harassment, bullying, and stalking: 


The Office of Student Life Portland provides personal safety resources for students experiencing sexual harassment, bullying, and stalking. 

  1.  Reporting a concern  


The Office of Dean of Students encourages students to report a concern if they or other students are experiencing critical situations, including suicidal ideation, bias, sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence, or other concerns. In a nonemergency situation, students can submit a report, and the student care team would work with the student to address the issue. Please use the following resources to report concerns or contact the appropriate support: 


The Office of Student Life Portland provides resources for students.  For questions or more information, contact Student Life Portland at 503-412-3701,, or



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