Diversity is a fundamental part of excellence in graduate education. The Division of Graduate Studies is committed advancing an authentically inclusive body of scholars and helping graduate students to connect with the resources they need to pursue their scholarship. Our diversity team works alongside individual students, student groups, programs, and community organizations to improve graduate student well-being and success. 


Division of Graduate Studies Diversity Team

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

The Director of Diversity and Inclusion focuses on policies, processes, and services to strengthen and sustain graduate student diversity. They consult, advocate, protect, strategize, connect, question, reorient, care for, and collaborate to improve graduate student experiences, learning environments, and academic success.

Graduate Diversity and Inclusion GE

The Diversity GE collaborates with leadership groups and peers to advocate for inclusivity, increase effectiveness of services, and reorient approaches to improve care for graduate students and secure spaces for them to be authentically themselves. Reach out to the Diversity GE for information on locating resources related to identity-based spaces, social support, trainings, and more. 

Family Resources GE

The Family GE builds relationships with peers and family-friendly stakeholders across campus, represents grads in leadership roles and committees, and advocates for family resources. Reach out to the Family GE for information on resources related to child care, new child support, local schools, family housing, family events, and more.