Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) - GE Workload/Hours

Workloads for GEs shall be prorated on the percentage basis of Full Time Equivalent (FTE). For example, a GE appointed at .20 FTE (the minimum quarter appointment) shall be assigned employment responsibilities that do not exceed a maximum of 88 hours of work per quarter, and proportionately for appointments at other FTEs as shown in the table below. To determine the hours required per term for a particular GE position with an FTE not shown below, multiply the FTE by 438, as per the current GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Please note the following: 

  • GEs may be employed for a total FTE between .20 and .49 each term. Exceptions are possible in the Summer; more information is available here
  • GEs are paid on a salary basis, not hourly, and the FTE is calculated based on the total number of hours they are expected to work during the term. 
  • The hours per week listed below are based on a typical 11-week academic term, but actual schedules may vary from week to week based on agreed-upon duties of the position. 
  • GEs are encouraged to notify their supervisors at any time during the quarter if their GE assignments require hours in excess of assigned FTE. 
  • GEs will not be asked to work more than 15% of one quarter's total FTE assignment in any one week, except by mutual agreement of the GE and the supervisor in advance of such an assignment.
  • GEs may also work as student hourly employees in addition to their GE appointments. However, all work may not exceed .49 FTE during the academic year.

FTE to Hours Guidelines

FTE total Hours per Term Average Hours Per Week
(based on 11 Weeks Per Term)
.20 88 8
.25 110 10
.30 131 12
.35 153 14
.40 175 16
.49 215 19