Faculty/Staff Access and Training

In addition to the resources and trainings outlined below, we also welcome requests for individual or small group trainings, invitations to present to departments, and suggestions for future training topics.

To request or suggest a training, please email the Division of Graduate Studies.

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Academic Services

Academic Policy and Procedure

Upon request/approval of GradWeb access, you will be sent links to training videos for the following module(s): 

  • Application for Advanced Degree
  • Doctoral Committee
  • Advancement to Candidacy
  • Oral Defense
  • Petitions

If you would like training on academic policies and procedures but do not need GradWeb access, email the Division of Graduate Studies to request access to training videos or schedule a meeting.  

GradWeb Access

Request GradWeb Access

Guide to GradWeb Modules

GradWeb Module

Request this access if you…

Application for Advanced Degree

Approve applications to graduate

Doctoral Processes

Approve Advancement to Candidacy, Dissertation Committees, and Oral Defense Applications


Approve on-leave requests for your program


Admissions Policy and Procedure Training

Email the Division of Graduate Studies for access to the graduate admissions handbook and training videos, which provide an overview of graduate admissions policy and procedure as well as Slate user training. New graduate coordinators who are involved in the graduate admissions process are encouraged to read the handbook and view these recordings. After you review the materials, please sign up for an upcoming Meet & Greet/Q&A session to introduce meet our Director of Admissions and get answers to any outstanding questions you may have. 

Upcoming Meet & Greet/Q&A Sessions

  • March 1, 11-11:30am
  • April 1, 11-11:30am


Admissions Handbook and Admissions Videos

A detailed handbook and set of videos is available for your reference. These include overall information about the graduate admissions process at UO as well as step by step instructions for various processes. Those who have Slate access at the program staff level can access these materials via their Slate homepage. If you do not have Slate access but wish to view these resources, please contact us

Slate Access

Slate is the system used for the graduate application process. The first applications accepted in Slate are for Winter 2023. Applications submitted prior to Winter 2023 were submitted via GradWeb.

Program staff who will be involved in the graduate admission cycle must submit access for each program that they work with.

Request Slate Access

GE Hiring and Payroll


Graduate Employee (GE) Payroll Request Forms (PRFs) are processed electronically in DuckDocs. Other payroll hire documents such as I-9s and W-4s are completed by departments and sent directly to Payroll Services.

Requesting access to DuckDocs is a two step process:  

1. Request DuckDocs Account

2. Request GE Workflow Permissions

In step 2, include requested permission level (1) or (2) and org for which you will submit and/or approve. 

  1. Submitter: Prepares and submits PRFs on behalf of unit.
  2. Submitter/Approver: Approves PRFs on behalf of unit. (All approvers have submitter permissions.) 


GE Hire Documents and Payroll Training

GE Hire Documents (EIF, W-4, I-9) are submitted by departments directly to payroll. 


Contact payroll to set up individual or group trainings. 

Graduate Coordinator Resources

Graduate Partners Meetings

Quarterly meetings of departmental graduate coordinators to provide information and updates, and facilitate discussions about issues relevant to staff who support graduate students.

Graduate Coordinator Handbook