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Betts Poster

Megan Betts
Art from the African Diaspora

Castro Poster

Esmeralda Castro
Depressive symptoms and sedentary behavior among Hispanic/Latino adults: Perceived neighborhood crime safety as a moderator

Graetz Poster

Dominik Graetz
Should I stay or should I go? Breathing modulates the attentional exploitation/exploration balance

Holston Poster

Andrew Holston
Engineering Chimeric Receptor Histidine Kinases

Jordan Poster

Sarah Jordan
Adding to the Discussion of Multicultural Music: Austin Wintory's Use of Traditional Tuvan Music Within The Pathless

Kascoutas Poster

Melanie Kascoutas
Chain walking alkenes to access remote sites for hydroamination

Keith Poster

Jessie Keith
Festivals as Vessels for Storytelling

Koomson Poster

Vivian Koomson
Examining the Association between Consumption of Sweet Beverages and Meeting the Criteria for Anxiety and Depression among Young Adults

Kumar Poster

Nimisha Kumar
An Examination of Economic Empowerment Programming and Staff Practices

Lucas Poster

Benjamin Lucas
Vine, Wine, and Rock Dove: Taxonomic Identification of a Greek-Cypriot Pigeon-Pot

Maduneme Poster

Emmanuel Maduneme
Empowering or Decapitating Influence of News: Exploring the Relationship Between College Students Media Exposure and Perceptions about Climate Change.

Momenaei Poster

Atousa Momenaei
Machine Learning and Quick Energy Prediction!

Olson Poster

Tara Olson
Feeding the Future: Diverse Visions for the Future of Food in Oregon's Willamette Valley

Paterson Poster

Hugh Paterson III
Defining Language Revitalization

Pennington Poster

Mallory Pennington
Explaining the impossible: How explanation-seeking may change the processing of impossible events

Ravenwood Poster

CJ Ravenwood
Beyond the Binary: Nonbinary Gender Identities and Public Administration

Smith Poster

Caitlin Smith
Drivers of Assembly in the Developing Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo Microbiome

Sridharan Poster

Preetham Sridharan
Enchanted Tongues: The Idea of a Perfect Language and Religion in German Romantic Thought from Hamann to the Brothers Schlegel (1760–1840)

Valentine Poster

Quinn Valentine
Heterogenous Alkene Isomerization Catalysts from Nickel-Hydrides supported on Sulfated Metal Oxide

Welch Poster

Amanda Welch
The impact of hallucinogens on active sampling and olfactory navigation​​​​​​

Zehner Poster

Tracy Zehner
Teacher and Parent Burnout Associations with Preschool Social and Self-Regulatory Development