Graduate Employee (GE) Resignations and Terminations

Graduate employee (GE) separation paperwork must be submitted when a GE resigns or, in rare cases, is terminated before the end-date on their standing appointment contract.

The GE’s benefits may be affected if the hours worked do not meet the .20 minimum.

It is important to deal with separations, leaves of absence, and decreases of FTE as quickly as you can.

When a GE goes on academic leave, their GE is not automatically canceled. You must submit a separation PRF (with explanation).

Required Steps for Resignations and Terminations

  1. To avoid over-payment: Immediately contact payroll to advise of the termination/resignation.

  2. Determine number of hours worked through the date of termination/resignation. If less than a .20 (88 hours) for the term, the GE will not be eligible to retain the tuition waiver, fee subsidy, or insurance.

  3. Submit a termination PRF with an explanation of the termination/resignation and note if the .20 minimum has been met. See Step 2: Submitting the Payroll Form (PRF) to the Division of Graduate Studies via DuckDocs on the Graduate Employee Hiring Process page for more information about submitting GE PRFs. 

    Attach support documentation (e.g., a printed-out email resignation from the student, a discharge memo from the department head to the student) to the PRF.

An PRF indicating the resignation/termination should be completed and submitted to the Division of Graduate Studies along with a document indicating the date of resignation or termination (e.g., a printed-out email resignation from the student, a discharge memo from the department head to the student). After processing, the PRF will be forwarded to the payroll office.

To complete the separation PRF correctly, please refer to the GE separation guidelines on the Banner Guide. In the remarks area on the PRF, it is helpful if hiring units note the date the separation is effective.

Academic Leave

When a GE goes on academic leave, their GE is not automatically canceled. You must follow the required steps for termination including contacting payroll immediately and submitting a termination PRF.

Family and Medical Leave

GEs may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave pursuant to Article 29, Section 7 of the UO-GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students are both academically and financially responsible for all classes in which they register until they officially withdraw from the university.

Students should consult the registrar's office for withdrawal procedures and information on the university tuition refund policies as well as the GE complete withdrawal information. Students who withdraw are no longer able to use university services to which they previously had access.

Loss of GE benefits (tuition waiver, fee subsidy, insurance)

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a GE who resigns, is terminated, or withdraws from the university will lose their tuition, insurance, and fee waiver unless they have worked a minimum of .20 FTE for the term (please speak to the Division of Graduate Studies about family and medical leave exceptions).

If they are no longer eligible for a tuition waiver, the GE will be billed for 10, 25, 50, 75, 90 or 100% of the tuition in accordance with the registrar's tuition/fee reduction and refund schedule.

Cost to the Unit

Tuition costs, the mandatory fee subsidy, and health insurance coverage are never pro-rated.

In the event that the student may retain their tuition remission, fee subsidy, and health insurance, the hiring unit will be responsible for covering the full cost of these.

The Business Affairs Office (BAO) will reverse remissions charged to the unit in cases where the GE does not retain GE benefits.