Printable Checklist

WHEN All STudents Graduate Employees  Families

First Steps


❑ Respond to Admissions offer

❑ Submit required documents

❑ Start the Visa process

❑ Claim Duck ID

❑ Memorize your UO ID number

❑ Enroll in Duo Mobile

❑ Set up your UO email

❑ Explore financing options

❑ Start housing search

❑ Explore temporary homestay program (optional)

❑ Review health requirements for enrollment

❑ Review health insurance options

❑ Submit insurance compliance form

❑ Request accommodations (optional)

❑ Verify/accept your GE Appointment


❑ Plan child care

❑ Plan for your spouse/ partner (education, employment, etc.)

Two-Months Out


❑ Book your flights

❑ Submit travel plans through ISSS iConnect portal

❑ Secure housing -or- consider alternatives

❑ Submit proof of immunizations/vaccinations


❑ Enroll children ages 6-18 in school

One-Month Out


❑ Read and accept Billing Account Terms and Conditions

❑ Register for classes

❑ Contact your department advisor

❑ Complete online orientation

❑ Purchase rain-proof gear

❑ Enroll in UO’s direct deposit


One-Week Out


❑ Gather documentation for entry

❑ Prepare for Immigration Inspection

❑ Add emergency contacts to your Phone

❑ Plan for transportation from Airport

❑ Prepare for your first days in the U.S.

❑ Prepare to set up a U.S. bank account

❑ Enroll in GTFF insurance upon arrival

❑ Complete Language Proficiency if you have not submitted TOEFL/IELTS scores during admission (for GEs with teaching appointments)

❑ Attend mandatory GE Training upon arrival

❑ Attend optional Day of Teaching upon arrival

❑ Attend optional International Student Orientation upon arrival


❑ Bring passports for all children

❑ Bring proof of relationship (birth certificate for children)

❑ Pack extra essentials for children

❑ Use car safety seats upon arrival